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Our job is to find solutions to your Tax & Super problems

Our Mission & Business Model


Why Are We Here?

Our mission is to Help YOU Get the Right Balance on Tax!

Having worked in tax for four decades, our founder Bruce Collins, has seen the tax world from both sides of the negotiating table.  

He has seen how well the revenue agencies (like the ATO) can do when things go well, but has also championed sorting things out when they go badly both as a senior ATO leader and more recently in representing clients in their dealings with the ATO and other agencies.  

He saw that there was a real need to provide client taxpayers and their representatives with better support in identifying and resolving their tax and superannuation issues – especially when things become controversial or the relationship with the revenue agency becomes adversarial.  

Thus, Tax Controversy Partners was born!


How Do We Work?

Our Business Model is unique, as we have a core team of experienced tax specialists, with direct access to a hand-picked network of retired senior practitioners who are willing to share their specific expertise with clients on an as-needed basis.

Besides working directly with clients, Bruce and the core team also help clients to identify their specialist needs and then select the members of this network who have the right mix of technical expertise and practical experience to provide the best support for the clients in their particular circumstances.

This unique business model gives clients the best of both worlds; getting access to Bruce and the core team, plus very experienced senior specialists in the particular areas of tax and superannuation law and practice that the clients need to most successfully manage their affairs.

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